Kenny Medeiros
President (Netherlands)

Kevin Vallis
Immediate past President (UK)

Anke Luts
President-Elect (Belgium)

Alexandru Manescu
Secretary (Romania)

Matthias Krüger
Executive Director (Germany)

Harry Key
Executive Director (UK)

David Levine
Executive Director (USA)

Yves Bassens
Treasurer (France)

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Privacy Policy

All EAEF Board members, members of the Standing Membership Committee and other EAEF members undertaking work for or on behalf of the organisation do so on condition that they sign a confidentiality and copyright agreement. This policy is designed to protect the EAEF, those undertaking work on its behalf and to reassure members that information acquired or provided to the EAEF is kept confidential and only used for and on behalf of the EAEF and for no other purpose.