In 2017 the EAEF was pleased to receive three nominations for it’s industry innovation and best practise award:

  • Morneau Shepell: International Student Support Program
  • Clinica Capa: Be Balanced
  • WPO: Virtual Group Counselling

We are proud to share with you these innovations and best practice that our members have developed.

The winning submission came from Morneau Shepell for their International Student Support Program.

An estimated eight million students will be studying abroad by 2025. International students tend to be at greater risk of developing mental health problems due to the stresses of living in a foreign environment, without a social support network.

Morneau Shepell’s ISSP (International Student Support Program) offers immediate support for students using 24/7 digital chat (via app/online) and telephone, as well as ongoing support through telephone and video counselling. The program integrates with on-campus resources to create a holistic and seamless support network.  Students are matched to counsellors based on language and cultural background, enhancing the positive outcome for program users.

Seventy two percent of users have reported improvement in their mental health. From September 2015 to December 2016, 62% of students reported improvement in class attendance and 71% reported improved productivity.

Morneau Shepell

Clinica Capa: Be Balanced” programme (“Be Balanced-Por uma Vida Equilibrada).

This program has been designed to meet over 1000 employees and to support the H.R. employee care vision to achieve maximum employee wellbeing, productivity and overall positive motivation, engagement and employee resilience. The program expands on the existing EAP and facilitates further integration of the EAP with other employee care services such as occupational health.

Be Balanced was, in a first stage, primarily directed to employees with excessive weight and other associated life-style problems and concerns. The program launched in April of 2017 with a motivational endorsement from the Director of H.R. to a group of employees, who chose to participate and who met the medical criteria.  Employees were welcomed and inducted into the program by a collaboration of internal and external partners working together to support weight loss and a healthier lifestyle change for participants.  

The program is ongoing and represents a collaboration between diverse stakeholders providing individual support such as a nutritional consultant, a life coach and a personal trainer as well as on a meta level assessment of the dietary offerings in the company canteen, monitoring by the internal health department and regular meetings of providers to evaluate and adapt as needed.

Employees who successfully complete the program will be presented with a gift.


Clinica Capa 

Work Place Options: Virtual Group Counselling

Many mental health challenges could potentially benefit from group therapy. WPO found, however, that its members faced emotional and practical obstacles to engaging in group therapy.

Drawing on their experience of supporting members individually through telephonic and video communication, WPO  launched Virtual Group Counselling as a component of its EAP service in January 2017.  The Virtual Group Counselling allows WPO to overcome user barriers to access, utilize and offer it’s clinical expertise around the globe and collect data to support the efficacy of group counselling.


  • Receive clinical assessment for suitability
  • Participate in small issue based groups via telephone or video for 8 consecutive weeks. (The groups are closed and new groups are formed every 2 weeks or as needed).
  • Supported by two qualified clinicians.
  • Contacted individually for quality and effectiveness monitoring.

Members across the board have consistently provided positive feedback and report feeling supported and contained. They report learning new skills and adopting new tools to manage anxiety.  Additionally, the group setting helps normalize the individual’s feelings.

Facilitators report that members have proactively engaged in the sessions and have supported and validated one another.