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"From Happiness to Love at Work!"

Alexandre Jost

"Love Your Energy!"

Sharl Pougnaud

"From Lean Management to Love Management"

Ilona Boniwell

Seminar - “Positive Psychology: Extolling the merits of love and other virtues for individual and collective wellbeing”

Patrick Amar

Round Table - "The reality of a complex French market"

Patrick Legeron and Yves Bassens

"Happy Corp, Happy Life"

Francesco Mondora

"The Many Ways EAPs Support Love: A Research Review"

Mark Attridge

Seminar - "Loving Kindness"

Stephen Galliano

Research Corner - "Measuring Love"

Paul Wittes & Louis Servizio

Research Corner - "Tess - an Artificial Intelligence mental health chatbot"

Mark Palmer

Member Corner - "Management without Borders - Porject by Corrent"

Jan Boshuizen

Member Corner - "What is the Most Efficient Way to Increase Love and Happiness at Work?"

Anke Luts