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Keynote Speech Wilmar Schaufeli

Work engagement: A useful construct for occupational health and EAP’s”. Despite its name, occupational health is traditionally concerned with ill-health and unwell-being… However, since the turn of the century the so-called ‘positive psychology’ has emerged that supplements this traditional negative approach by focusing on human strength and optimal functioning in organizations.

about-us_5Keynote Speech Marta Benetti and Laura Sinatra

Why the EAP is crucial to the Survivor Syndrome" (Italian framework). In 2014 Italy’s market has been experiencing 15.000-16.000 layoffs due to bankruptcies of companies, reorganizations, divestures, anticipated pensioning and so on. Commonly thoughts and supports are addressed to those who are let go.

about-us_5Workshop Paul Wittes and Steve Cottle

Supporting Employee Well-being and Resilience with Integrated Total Health Solutions”. This presentation will illustrate how these programs increase employee engagement and resilience, to the benefit of both the employee and the organization; explore how to integrate these programs with other benefits and programs to maximize outcomes.

about-us_5Workshop Anita Tompa and Judit Suele

Duty of care of suicide prevention at the workplace” The WHO reports that suicide is now among the three leading causes of death among those aged 15–44 (male and female). The WHO also states that in Europe, particularly Eastern Europe, the highest suicide rates are reported, for both men and women.

about-us_5Workshop Kate Nowlan

Understanding Duty of Care: Organisational responsibility for building employee resilience, identifying stress related symptoms and avoiding burnout” This workshop explores the employer’s responsibility towards their staff by looking at various aspects of resilient behaviour within the organisation.

about-us_5Keynote Speech Tony Maplesden

Stress in Leadership – The Personal Experiences of a Manager of Major Construction Projects” Taken from personal experience, this video will review the characteristics of two case study projects – one representing a good project leadership experience (in terms of work related stress and general wellbeing) and the other a bad experience.

about-us_5Workshop François Legault

Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace and Mental Health First Aid: Working with EFAP’s.” There is growing concern over Mental Illness as one of the primary cause of disability. Greater efforts have been taken to develop and implement workplace safety standards for mental injury and illness.

about-us_5Workshop Carolien Schollen and Anke Luts

Coaching of co-workers with depressive or burn out complaints”. In Belgium are about 122.300 employees diagnosed with depression and 19.000 with burn out. If these people are longer than 4 months absent from work due to their illness, then the chances on work resumption are only 50%. To make job resumption or preservation successful, we need good medical, psychosocial support and coaching in the job.

about-us_5Keynote Speech: Neil Greenberg

Organisational Management of traumatic stress". Research consistently shows that the post-incident factors are the strongest predictors of psychological outcome. This video will cover the spectrum of organisational stress management strategies which aim to prevent, detect and treat trauma related mental health conditions.

about-us_5Seminar Brigitte Vaudolon

What does not kill you makes you stronger! Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) : a positive approach to transformation and change “. This video will review the origin of the theory, the main models used to explain the process of PTG and some current research findings. Understanding how PTG can help transform positively individuals and strengthen them well beyond the initial state (before the crisis).

about-us_5Workshop Bruce Greenhalgh

How mindfulness can help enhance employee well-being”. Mindfulness in simple terms is a form of mental training that develops attention and meta-attention. It is creating a lot of interest because the advances in neuroscience, combined with compelling evidence based research, is showing physiologically and psychologically why it works.